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Latest Nexbites (Week Ending 11/01)

Here are the latest headlines in the emerging tech world, brought to you in bite sizes so you can always stay on top of what’s next! Whether you are on the go or taking a break from your favorite show, nexbites will keep you informed about tomorrow.⁣

NASA discovers water on the sunlit surface of the moon.

NASA’s SOFIA has confirmed, for the first time, water on the sunlit surface of the Moon!

“This discovery reveals that water might be distributed across the lunar surface and not limited to the cold, shadowed places near the lunar poles, where we have previously discovered water ice,” NASA’s Paul Hertz said during a press conference.⁠

It’s still not a walk in the park, but this means that water is likely more easily accessible than previously expected for future explorers. This is important because NASA is aiming to send people back to the Moon as part of its Artemis program by 2024, with plans to eventually create a sustainable presence on the lunar surface. This makes things relatively easier.⁠ ⁠

Can’t wait to taste lunar tap water!

Boston Dynamics will start selling arms for its robodog Spot next year.

Boston Dynamics is gearing up to sell a whole lineup of accessories for its robodog Spot, including an arm! 🦾⁠

Boston Dynamic’s $75,000 dog-like robot ‘spot’ is pretty extraordinary by itself, but now it is getting an arm which will give it even more abilities like opening doors and flipping power switches. ⁠

Despite their Black Mirror-esque look, robodogs are able to help humanity in many ways and are being tested in healthcare, mining, construction, and other industries!⁠ “Now, Spot isn’t available yet for home use, but someday it will be,” says founder Marc Raibert.

Would you get one?

You can now build a video game like a LEGO set with this new Unity tool.

Do you know what it feels like to step on LEGO? Well, you don’t have to know anymore because LEGO is coming to virtual reality! ⁠

LEGO has paired with game engine maker Unity to create the LEGO Microgame. With this creative mod, you’ll be able to build a virtual world to your liking with no prior knowledge of programming as if you were using real-life Lego bricks, and then have your LEGO Minifigure run around in it!

Do you have what it takes to become a (virtual) LEGO Master Builder?

Tilt Five, a startup working on AR for tabletop board games, has raised $7.5 million.

Lookout Catan lovers! This startup is taking board games to the next level.

Tilt Five has announced that it has received $7.5 million in funding. This funding will help the company hire more employees, build partnerships, and expand content for its AR glasses and game board system.

Tilt Five sells an out-of-the-box board game solution named XE Kit ($359). This powerful box includes AR glasses, a game board, and a wand! This kit brings board games to life by allowing players to wear the glasses to project 3D holographic environments onto a tabletop! ⁠

Let’s see how fast Monopoly ruins friendships when it’s in augmented reality.

Google brings Halloween to life using augmented reality.

Who ya gonna call?

Ghosts are coming to life thanks to Google. To get into the Halloween spirit, Google has added a number of spOOKtacular features to its search tools to bring Halloween to life by using augmented reality. Grab your smartphone and open the google app and begin searching for jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, cats, dogs, and you’ll see an augmented reality version of these characters floating around your house.⁠

Happy Halloween nexters!

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